Monday, November 19, 2007

Yard Work and Cleaning

So my friend Leah came over Saturday for most of the day to help me with my weed problem in my back yard. Enormous tumbleweeds had overrun half of the yard. How did it get that way?....I was lazy...NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! I really hate weeds and it is not very motivating when the weeds look like such a daunting a task. We took an over-flowing truck load to the dump of just weeds and more weeds. I can actually see to the back fence of my yard now! This Saturday Leah's dad will be coming over to chop down my tree. I am really sad about it because it is so big, but it is slowly dying, so down it will come.

I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with my back yard yet, but plans are starting to form in my head. I don't want grass because it is too hard to keep it alive here and you need to use a lot of water, which I don't want to pay for. I do want to have flower bushes and roses and some bushes. That most likely won't happen until the spring because it is getting really cold and the forecasters are saying that there is a chance for first snow this weekend.

Well, I'll write again this weekend with picture from the tree coming down and my shower getting redone. Ta ta!

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