Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Tall-Person Table!

Ison and I have been borrowing a dining table from my ex-roommates dad since we moved into our house on the air force base. Not our favorite table at all, but it served its purpose well. Ison is 6' 4'' and I'm 5' 9'' and we both have been wanting a tall table with tall chairs...the borrowed table was short, the chairs were coming apart constantly, and our legs barely fit under the table. Well, Daisy's dad wanted the table and chairs back, so we started shopping around for a nice table that would last us a long time.

In memory of the table that we used for 6 months, a lovely picture of it for you all to see:

One day we went to Furniture Row where they have a store within that sells wooden furniture. There was nothing there that I was impressed by, so we moved onto Mor furniture for less where we found a reasonable table that had 6 chairs and a butterfly leaf and it was tall enough. We decided that if we couldn't find anything else, then this would be our table. The other stores we went to that day were either closed or ridiculously expensive, so we waited until the next day to get a look at what Unpainted Furniture had. We had a winner!!! I fell in love with this table! We were not wanting cushioned seats, due to our cats, but I just loved it with its scalloped edging!

This is what it looks like with the butterfly leaf in place, but it is a little too long to keep that way in our dining area, so we will only make it this way when we have enough people to fill all the seats.

To show the height of the table, and to show off my lovely wonderful amazing husband, here is Ison next to the table. He was thrilled to get his picture taken. ;)

And here is what it looks like currently with the butterfly leaf folded within the table. all 6 of the chairs still fit around it, but it might be just a little too snug to leave this way if we had 5 or 6 people at it. I love it!!

And sneaky Ison got a picture of me sitting at our beautiful new table. I guess he wanted me to have my picture with the table, too.


A side note: There is a wasp in my house!! Ick! It must have gotten inside yesterday when Ison was grilling our dinner! We had a wasp stuck in our house for 2 months of the winter before it finally died...I hope this one just goes away somehow...wishful thinking...

I'm starting to get on a roll with my blogging! Hooray! Let's see if it keeps up like this now...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Freezing Spring

Why is it so cold? It is spring and it is the desert, but the temperature seems to be playing some kind of game with me...nice warm days that invite a long walk through the neighborhood to the park, sun shining on my face telling me to get some flowers on the front stoop, and gentle breezes asking to be allowed through the house. This was all done, but then....the frost!!! And the snow!!! The temperature thought it funny that I got flowers and before I had time to plant them all safely in pots with warm soil, I had to cover them with plastic and pray that they would not die. Tragedy happened...all my sweet little impatiens died and were sent to the dump by way the garbage truck this week...

Fortunately, all my alyssum, violas and snapdragons survived this horrible joke the weather played on me and they are doing the best they can through the still cold days that have followed. I only hope that the sunlight lingers on them long enough for them to grow and bloom and thrive...these are the thoughts of a gardener who has a porch the faces the wrong direction...north-east...if they do not grow and I do not have a May with flowers, they might just find themselves in the back of the house to be enjoyed only by me and my husband...