Friday, September 18, 2009

List of the Happenings of the Tenneys

There has been a lot going on and I cannot even think of everything, but this all has happened during the past week, not in any particular order:
  1. Our truck was stolen from Ison's work, which is the hospital off base.
  2. We bought a 10 year old minivan that works great and is paid in full.
  3. Our fish were sick and dying the same day the truck was stolen.
  4. We gave away all of our fancy goldfish.
  5. We now have 17 (we had 18, one died) angelfish: koi, marble veil, gold veil, and silver veil).
  6. We have our 10 gallon aquarium up and running with live plants and 3 fancy guppies so far.
  7. I was sick today and got to watch a couple of our corydora cat fish mate and lay eggs...which the angelfish ate right away.
  8. There was a huge storm that dumped a lot of rain on us for 2 days, a rare occurrence here in the desert.
  9. Our cat Patch has taken to playing with our bedroom doorknob at 5:30 in the morning...very annoying!
  10. Our 1 year wedding anniversary is in 9 days!!! It has gone by so fast! I just love Ison so much and it grows every day!