Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Emily needs:

Emily needs to give Tim food in Social Studies today.
Emily needs a job.
Emily needs to run free.
Emily needs to be told, "No, there are certain things that are just NOT allowed."
Emily needs eating companions around noon on Wednesday.
Emily needs advise.
Emily needs to get her tortillas on Vimeo. (I have no clue what this is...)
Emily needs help deciding how to cut her hair.
Emily needs glasses. (Well, I have some, but I need a new pair)
Emily needs a new chain.
Emily needs background.
Emily needs 4 infusions now.
Emily needs numbers.
Emily needs aesthetics.
Emily needs a lift.
Emily needs to get off the gas.
Emily needs all the people at the table and all the card on the table with her in the middle to decide.
Emily needs a series of exemptions to Harvard’s administrative rules.
Emily needs to have a fly sheet & mask on, and have her tail wrapped during the summer due to the itch.
Emily needs assistance with dressing, eating, toileting and personal hygiene, as well as structure and monitoring for her activities.
Emily needs prayer.
Emily needs your help.
Emily needs to wear green every single day.
Emily needs a "tune-up".
Emily needs a family who will give her love and guidance, yet allow her to have a degree of independence.
Emily needs to help herself every now and then.
Emily needs to learn about responsibilities, and a hard lesson it is.
Emily needs your prayers and good wishes, too.
Emily needs to be with other monkeys.
Emily needs to be saved.
Emily needs a forever family.
Emily needs to win.
Emily needs no special assistance to work in lab practical classes.
Emily needs to be read as part of the American gothic tradition.
Emily needs to explain more thoroughly how writers create effects through their choice of images and details.
Emily needs untruths and lies to make her sound innocent.
Emily needs to use her skills to affect some tangible change in the world.
Emily needs to find a better mood to be in as this one is winding me up more ;).
Emily needs a wheelchair just to navigate her nursing home in Orange.
Emily needs to focus.
Emily needs possible surgery to remove and replace some vessels.
Emily needs to be nicer to you.
Emily needs to reclaim her life.
Emily needs to get out more.
Emily needs some kin people around.
Emily needs to get over herself.
Emily needs to know exactly what the girls want when she and Richard "kick the bucket."
Emily needs a qualifying time of 59.19; her time is now 59.57 in the 100 butterfly.

Interesting stuff...Elizabeth and a few of my cousins have done this, so I decided to google "what Emily needs" and see what I would get. I actually found some really interesting stories about women named Emily. Some of them are old women who need some extra care, some are my age and have medical conditions, one of them was a girl who wanted to be adopted, and one of them was even a horse! Very interesting.

I hope that you enjoyed this! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Emily has fish! :)

So a couple of weeks ago, Ison sold his bicycle and acoustic guitar so that he could buy a 75 gallon fish tank. He had 3 fish tanks out in Japan when he was stationed there. He also bought all the supplies to build a sump (filter) for it. I love it that he can do stuff like this. :) He also built the stand for it and is in the process of building the hood. We went to Petsmart and Petco and have been starting our collection of fish, of which the main event will be fancy goldfish. Why? Because they are really cheap to replace if they happen to die (which I hope they don't because I really like them) and they are really fun to watch wobble around the tank. Here is a picture of a few of them together:

Actually, this is all 6 of them if you look carefully. They like to swim around together in a little school. Sometimes they are in a line moving slowly from one end of the tank to the other...like they are playing "following the leader." Oh, and the pipes are in there because we are don't have extra money at the moment for decorative rocks...'tis the holidays and we are driving out to Arizona for almost a week.

Our cats are really liking the fish. And don't worry, they can't get into the tank because we have a temporary cover on it...more to keep the fish from jumping out than the cats from jumping in. Could you imagine one of the cats trying to tread water in there? I doubt that they would take that risk...
Here is Patch looking intently at 2 of his favorite fish: the golden dojo loaches. They like to burrow in the sand. Sometimes they hide so well that we can't find them for a long time, but it is fun when they suddenly poke their heads out.
Here is one of my favorite fish: Goggles. He is a black moor. Ison picked him out because he has light colored circles around his protruding eyes and I named him Goggles for that very reason.
Here is a front view so that you can see the circles better around his eyes.
These 2 fish are both loaches but the one above is a golden dojo loach and the dark one is a kuhli loach. The cats both bat at these two from the outside the most because of how they wiggle all over the tank. It is very entertaining to watch them. We have 2 golden dojos, as I said before, and 4 kuhlis.

This is Skunk. We were at the pet store, again, trying to decide which fish to buy and Ison pointed this unique guy out to me. I instantly said that it was perfect because his name would be Skunk, since it has such a distinct black stripe. :)
This beautiful goldfish is Unico, because of the single red spot on it's head...I don't really like this one a lot because he chases and bites the other goldfish...we had to separate him in timeout in the net a couple of times yesterday because he wouldn't leave any of the fish alone!
This black moor is Nacht because, obviously, he is very black. He is one of the smaller goldfish and very calm.
And this is Lucy. Can you guess why? She has red hair! ;)
*GASP* This final one is Punk. Unfortunately you can't see it in this picture, but he has different colors on his fins and his dorsal fin looks like a mohawk. This was a fun picture to realize I had taken because he looks like he is surprised...maybe because I have a camera pointing at his face.

We also have 16 danios, which are small and fast, thus me not being able to take a good picture of them, and 2 green corydoras, but they were at the back of the tank when I was taking pictures and I couldn't focus on them. In total we have 30 fish and we will be getting more soon...maybe only 4 more corydoras and 4 more goldfish.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I love to see the temple...

...I have now been inside. I love it! I was able to go through the temple Saturday afternoon and it was an amazing experience! There is just no words to describe it and there is so much to ponder on. My mom, dad, and sister were all there. My friend Leah and her husband and mother were there. And my wonderful soon-to-be husband Ison was there. It was a wonderful day. I am so glad that I went through a week before my wedding so that I have time to think of this great experience. I will be going again Tuesday with Ison and then after that I can't for a few weeks because of being busy with the wedding and the temple will be closed for two weeks. Isn't the temple a beautiful and wonderful place to be?

Only 5 more days until I am a Tenney!! I am ready!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nine more days!!

I have been very busy lately, with moving and planning the wedding...I feel bad that I haven't stopped to update my blog in such a long time. Well, this will be short and sweet.

I am moved into the house where Ison and I will be living together...and I am still unpacking. I can't wait to be done with boxes! And Ison still has to move his stuff into the house, which he is starting to do today after work.

This Saturday I get to go through the temple! I am very excited! And Elizabeth flies in Friday so she can be here for it!

My allergies have been getting me and I am trying to get them under control in time for the wedding so that I am not sneezing during everything. I hate having seasonal allergies!

Work is good. All the students are excited for me to get married, so it makes me all the more excited for that day to finally come...as you can see by the title of the blog, only 9 more days to go and I will be a Tenney!

I told you this would be short...Maybe I will find some time to write another blog before the wedding, but then again maybe not. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Puppy! and a home...

My roommate got a new puppy today! She was begging me last night and telling me that I really should let her get one and that the cats would only have to deal with it until I move into the house on base and she would take real good care of it and finally...she would be heartbroken if I didn't let her..... I said yes. And now we have a little 6 week old terrier-mini-poodle mix girl. She is adorable!! Her name is Darla. And the cats have stayed away from her, observing from a distance with much concern showing in their faces. Patch gets closer and then runs away when the puppy gets too close. Freckles, on the other hand, stays as far away as she could and when we force a close encounter, a nice hiss proceeds to escape her mouth. Darla couldn't care less. She doesn't seem phased by their reactions much so far.... I'm guessing that it's because she is so young and naive to what certain reactions mean.

I wasn't too sure about a dog...I never saw myself as a person to have a dog. I have always had cats. I have always liked cats. I have not liked dogs. Being chased by dogs while riding a bike when young makes a person not like dogs. Being hit in hard all over by a large, strong tail when young makes a person not like dogs. Being dragged by a St Bernard when babysitting resulting in black and blue knees makes a person not like a dog. But recently I have found that my encounters with dogs do not necessarily mean that something bad will happen. Like my friend Danny's dog, Capona. She is so pretty and nice. And my best friends dog, Jake. He is so good! And he listens to my commands and is excited to see me because he knows who I am. And now this cute puppy. Of course I don't like the fact that she has already peed in the house, but she is still in training.


Ison and I know where we will be living!! Hooray! We have reserved a home that is at Kirtland Air Force Base here in Albuquerque! It is a 3 bedroom 2 story duplex! I am thrilled!! We are both thrilled! I'll be moving in first at the beginning of September because that will mean we will spend less on gas and I'll be closer to work...and really close to Ison! We hopefully won't be as tired as we were from all the driving back and forth across town. I can't wait!! A house all to myself for almost a month to get organized and then....I'll be married! Yay!

I was surprised at how nice the on-base housing is! Ison was surprised what his rank qualified him for house-wise...he thought it would be in the older housing on base. The neighbourhood looks so nice and well-maintained and we only have a small section of the yard that we will have to take care of ourselves...the rest of it is maintained by the base. I just can't tell you how excited I am that we will know where we will live!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I got a new car! And engagement pictures...

So I started driving about 8 years ago and my first vehicle was a 1990 Pontiac Transport SE: aka, a minivan that looked like a space shuttle. It lasted me through high school where my friends thought it was cool because I could fit so many people in it. It lasted me through college and my 30-45 minute commute between home and the university. It lasted me through the first year of my first real job. But now, no more lasting. It's old. It's not as nice to drive as it was at first. It doesn't have a working AC. Ison really doesn't like me driving it and calls it "the shuttle", which is now it's name to me and this nice car dealer we met. And now it is back with my parents. What ever will I do to get around now, you ask? Glad you asked me that! I introduce you to Emily and Ison's new car: a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix!

Isn't it lovely? All shiny and just a year old! It was the first car that I drove when Ison and I started shopping and nothing else that we looked at really hit me like this one did.

It looks a little sporty, huh? Well, it may look small, but the leg room is great in the front AND the back! That was an absolute must because Ison is 6' 3'' and both of our families are rather tall...and we don't like to be squished in the back. The trunk is also amazingly large and fits a lot. I sure have to reach to get to the back of it!!

And me here with my new car. It is new. It is safe. It runs well. And it is mine to drive! Hooray for me and my car! :)


And now for some pictures of the happy couple. These are just a sample because we took a lot of pictures! We used Ison's fancy camera and Daisy took the pictures after Ison would change the settings.

This pictures turned out really cute! It is in the aquarium in Albuquerque. There were a lot of people there and it took a long time to set it all up and make sure that no one was coming...

The rest of these are in the Botanical Gardens in Albuquerque, which is right next to the Aquarium. This one is kind of fun because of the leaves out of focus in the foreground.

We were sitting by a pond here that was full of Koi in the Japanese garden section. Ison was teasing the fish with his tri-pod...the fish thought it was food! :)

I had to stick at least one kissing picture in here! :)

And here we wanted to show our large wing span!!

I think this one has to be one of my favorites!!

And last of all, a fun foot popping picture! And I was going in for a kiss...Daisy and Ison thought that I might fall, but I didn't! ;)

I hope that you enjoyed! I am so excited to get married to Ison! He really has been one huge blessing in my life and he makes me so incredibly happy! I never knew I could be this happy! And all because of him!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Engaged!!!

So...I have this wonderful man in my life and he is horrible about keeping secrets! ;) It is very funny...We had already talked about getting married and picked a ring, but I had no idea when he was going to give me the ring! It was making me a little crazy because I didn't know when to expect the official proposal. Well, he slipped up! He spilled that he would have to for sure call his parents again on Saturday..."Saturday?" I ask...He blew it! I was safe from the unsureness until Saturday. I tried not prying, but he also told me something about Olive Garden, which is my favorite restaurant and where we bagan our first date. I thought it would not happen until Saturday night.

So, Friday Ison left to go to a YSA Regional Campout while I stayed here. I was glad I didn't go because I was so tired! The whole evening all I could really think about was that I wanted Ison to be here with me...I missed him!

Saturday morning I got up and helped a little at my parents house with their swamp cooler. Then home I went to shower and get ready to go to the Botanical Gardens with my parents and roommate. When we got there, Daisy asked for my camera, which I gave to her. We walked through just a couple of sections when we got to this one part where couples could have their weddings. There were a lot of white folding chairs set up and an area that was risen for the ceremony to take place. Daisy told me to go pose for Ison, so I got up there feeling silly and didn't know what to do. That's when I heard Ison and saw him coming up to me...WOW! I was completely surprised!!! You can see for yourself what happened here:

I know the sound isn't very good, but you can tell what happened...he asked me to marry him and I said yes! That only takes up a little of the video...He was shaking so bad! I had no idea that he was going to be at the gardens! Of course I had a little fantasy in my head about how it would be great if he showed up and proposed, but I never thought that it would happen! :) I couldn't stop smiling all day yesterday!!!

So, there you have it...I'm getting married!!! And it will be on September 27, 2008 at 10:00am at the Albuquerque, NM Temple!!! Yay!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding!

This weekend my best friend got married to the love of her life. She is so happy and I couldn't be happier for her!
Now, there are a lot of pictures of me because Ison just loved me in my yellow dress and he loved my very very curly hair and trust me...there are tons more pictures on my computer that I didn't post here.
Leah and Chantry

This is me walking towards the temple. Ison had a lot of fun taking pictures of me! He was like paparazi! And it is thanks to him that we have all these lovely pictures!
I decided to give him a little pose.
Me and my roommate Daisy. She is awesome!!
My first hug with Leah after the sealing. I love this girl so much!

And yet another pose...I like this one...lovely with my bridesmaid bouquet!

Me and Leah's sister-in-law, who was the matron of honor...notice that we have the same dress?
The little wedding party.
Three lovely ladies!
And the happy couple! Leah and Chantry for time and all eternity!
Daisy took a couple of pictures of me and Ison.
Fun dipping picture! We are so close!
Me, Leah, and Daisy. And a very bright sun!
The groom being kissed by his ladies best pals.
My handsome man! He is so cute!!!
Now, it seemed as though all of Chantry's relations were out here just stuffing Leah's car with plastic bags...Chantry got out and cleaned the whole thing up while Leah changed into her traveling dress so she didn't have to stress about it...
Me and my mommy! Isn't she cute?
Yay! My parents dancing! I haven't seen them dance in a long time...

My turn for a spin with my daddy! That was just so much fun! I haven't danced with my daddy in years...I remember dancing on his feet and flying through the air when I was a little girl...

Me and my parents...of course Ison is all the way across the room with a scope lens on his camera...sneaky sneaky...

I had so much fun at my friend's wedding! I am very happy for her! I hope that she has a wonderful marriage and I know that Chantry will make her very happy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Interesting Life!

So Ison just makes me smile all the day long!! He does not even have to be with me and I grin from ear to ear! :) We have only been dating 2 1/2 weeks now, but it feels like a few months! Maybe it's because I see him every day except for Wednesdays...I spend those days with my mom and dad.

Well, he made a blog...mostly so he could comment on the comments made about his pictures that I posted... ;) He is so funny. I love it that I have found such a great and wonderful friend!!!


So I have this yucky infection in my mouth called thrush...for the 4th time! It is so annoying! It makes it very hard to eat and talk...and yawning is just torture!! It has been hurting since Friday night and this morning was the first time that I did not cry uncontrollably when I brushed my teeth and used my mouthwash. YAY! I have this wonderfully fantastic medication called Nystatin that I have to use every 6 hours for 14 days (12 more to go) and it does not taste the best, but it is sure making me feel better!

For those of you who know of thrush, usually old people and babies get it...my doctor (when I got it the 2nd time) could not figure out how I got it until he realized that I used an inhailer for my asthma...DO NOT FORGET TO RINSE YOUR MOUTH AFTER USING YOUR INHAILER!! Bad things might happen...


My sad news today is that this weekend a member of my single's branch died. He was camping with a couple of other branch members and they were cutting down a few trees. The first one came down fine, but the second one became stuck in another tree. The three of them pushed on it and while they were pushing it, the top 20 feet or so snapped off and fell onto two of them. Alan died from his wounds there and the other was rushed to the hospital. The one in the hospital is scheduled to be released today, which is a miricle because his injuries were critical when he was admitted. Tomorrow I get to take off work for a couple of hours to attend Alan's funeral. He was such a wonderful guy. He could always make someone laugh, had the most amusing stories to share in different classes, and played the piano beautifully. Our branch will miss him terribly...


It rained last night!! Yay! We have not had rain for........goodness, I'm not sure how long! It was great to wake up and see everything wet! I'm surprised that it didn't wake me up! There apparently was thunder and lightning...I guess I was too tired from staying up to late with Ison..hehe!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Boyfriend for Emily :)

Well, I have a boyfriend and he is just amazing! It just happened so fast! I only met him 3 weeks ago and really started to get to know him a week ago, but we have been dating for a week now...you can call us twitterpated because we do...*giggle*

I completely was not expecting this! I was going to go out on a fun date and maybe go out more and then see where it led to, but no...we just hit it off great! *grins like a complete idiot*

Here are a couple of pictures from our Branch Dance last night:

And for all your information, his name is Ison Carl Tenney, he's 6'3'', is in the Air Force (enlisted) in pediatrics, his family is in the Seattle, WA area, he is number 4 out of 12 kids, and he is totally smitten with me... :) YAY!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter in Arizona

Angel Elizabeth.

Cake for my dad and Tom's birthdays!

Pretty flowers on the temple grounds.

Mesa Temple.

Elizabeth and lots of cousins.

Funny picture...not sure why it looks like it was time release....

Mom, Elizabeth, and Dad...and see my shadow on my dad's shirt? :)


Awesome actors posing!!