Monday, September 22, 2008

I love to see the temple...

...I have now been inside. I love it! I was able to go through the temple Saturday afternoon and it was an amazing experience! There is just no words to describe it and there is so much to ponder on. My mom, dad, and sister were all there. My friend Leah and her husband and mother were there. And my wonderful soon-to-be husband Ison was there. It was a wonderful day. I am so glad that I went through a week before my wedding so that I have time to think of this great experience. I will be going again Tuesday with Ison and then after that I can't for a few weeks because of being busy with the wedding and the temple will be closed for two weeks. Isn't the temple a beautiful and wonderful place to be?

Only 5 more days until I am a Tenney!! I am ready!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nine more days!!

I have been very busy lately, with moving and planning the wedding...I feel bad that I haven't stopped to update my blog in such a long time. Well, this will be short and sweet.

I am moved into the house where Ison and I will be living together...and I am still unpacking. I can't wait to be done with boxes! And Ison still has to move his stuff into the house, which he is starting to do today after work.

This Saturday I get to go through the temple! I am very excited! And Elizabeth flies in Friday so she can be here for it!

My allergies have been getting me and I am trying to get them under control in time for the wedding so that I am not sneezing during everything. I hate having seasonal allergies!

Work is good. All the students are excited for me to get married, so it makes me all the more excited for that day to finally you can see by the title of the blog, only 9 more days to go and I will be a Tenney!

I told you this would be short...Maybe I will find some time to write another blog before the wedding, but then again maybe not. :)