Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding!

This weekend my best friend got married to the love of her life. She is so happy and I couldn't be happier for her!
Now, there are a lot of pictures of me because Ison just loved me in my yellow dress and he loved my very very curly hair and trust me...there are tons more pictures on my computer that I didn't post here.
Leah and Chantry

This is me walking towards the temple. Ison had a lot of fun taking pictures of me! He was like paparazi! And it is thanks to him that we have all these lovely pictures!
I decided to give him a little pose.
Me and my roommate Daisy. She is awesome!!
My first hug with Leah after the sealing. I love this girl so much!

And yet another pose...I like this one...lovely with my bridesmaid bouquet!

Me and Leah's sister-in-law, who was the matron of honor...notice that we have the same dress?
The little wedding party.
Three lovely ladies!
And the happy couple! Leah and Chantry for time and all eternity!
Daisy took a couple of pictures of me and Ison.
Fun dipping picture! We are so close!
Me, Leah, and Daisy. And a very bright sun!
The groom being kissed by his ladies best pals.
My handsome man! He is so cute!!!
Now, it seemed as though all of Chantry's relations were out here just stuffing Leah's car with plastic bags...Chantry got out and cleaned the whole thing up while Leah changed into her traveling dress so she didn't have to stress about it...
Me and my mommy! Isn't she cute?
Yay! My parents dancing! I haven't seen them dance in a long time...

My turn for a spin with my daddy! That was just so much fun! I haven't danced with my daddy in years...I remember dancing on his feet and flying through the air when I was a little girl...

Me and my parents...of course Ison is all the way across the room with a scope lens on his camera...sneaky sneaky...

I had so much fun at my friend's wedding! I am very happy for her! I hope that she has a wonderful marriage and I know that Chantry will make her very happy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Interesting Life!

So Ison just makes me smile all the day long!! He does not even have to be with me and I grin from ear to ear! :) We have only been dating 2 1/2 weeks now, but it feels like a few months! Maybe it's because I see him every day except for Wednesdays...I spend those days with my mom and dad.

Well, he made a blog...mostly so he could comment on the comments made about his pictures that I posted... ;) He is so funny. I love it that I have found such a great and wonderful friend!!!


So I have this yucky infection in my mouth called thrush...for the 4th time! It is so annoying! It makes it very hard to eat and talk...and yawning is just torture!! It has been hurting since Friday night and this morning was the first time that I did not cry uncontrollably when I brushed my teeth and used my mouthwash. YAY! I have this wonderfully fantastic medication called Nystatin that I have to use every 6 hours for 14 days (12 more to go) and it does not taste the best, but it is sure making me feel better!

For those of you who know of thrush, usually old people and babies get it...my doctor (when I got it the 2nd time) could not figure out how I got it until he realized that I used an inhailer for my asthma...DO NOT FORGET TO RINSE YOUR MOUTH AFTER USING YOUR INHAILER!! Bad things might happen...


My sad news today is that this weekend a member of my single's branch died. He was camping with a couple of other branch members and they were cutting down a few trees. The first one came down fine, but the second one became stuck in another tree. The three of them pushed on it and while they were pushing it, the top 20 feet or so snapped off and fell onto two of them. Alan died from his wounds there and the other was rushed to the hospital. The one in the hospital is scheduled to be released today, which is a miricle because his injuries were critical when he was admitted. Tomorrow I get to take off work for a couple of hours to attend Alan's funeral. He was such a wonderful guy. He could always make someone laugh, had the most amusing stories to share in different classes, and played the piano beautifully. Our branch will miss him terribly...


It rained last night!! Yay! We have not had rain for........goodness, I'm not sure how long! It was great to wake up and see everything wet! I'm surprised that it didn't wake me up! There apparently was thunder and lightning...I guess I was too tired from staying up to late with Ison..hehe!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Boyfriend for Emily :)

Well, I have a boyfriend and he is just amazing! It just happened so fast! I only met him 3 weeks ago and really started to get to know him a week ago, but we have been dating for a week now...you can call us twitterpated because we do...*giggle*

I completely was not expecting this! I was going to go out on a fun date and maybe go out more and then see where it led to, but no...we just hit it off great! *grins like a complete idiot*

Here are a couple of pictures from our Branch Dance last night:

And for all your information, his name is Ison Carl Tenney, he's 6'3'', is in the Air Force (enlisted) in pediatrics, his family is in the Seattle, WA area, he is number 4 out of 12 kids, and he is totally smitten with me... :) YAY!