Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Boo BYU Cougers!!!

I went to the BYU v UNM men's basketball game last night...and I am so sad that my Lobos lost!! It was quite the exciting game, though. We were winning most of the game, and then we were tied at the end, so we went into overtime...where we proceeded to loose!!! By one tiny little point! *sigh* Oh well, I guess...

The Pit (which is what our basketball arena is called) was sold out, so me and all the other YSA had to buy standing only tickets and then try to find a place to sneak into a seat. Not that that helped because we were in the student section and the only time that section sits is during half time. We were all really going crazy, especially during the last part since it was such a close game, but there were a lot of fans that decided since we were playing BYU they could talk trash about Mormons. Some of the stuff hurt my feelings...not because they were directed at me, because they weren't, but because they were things that they obviously knew very little about. And I thought it was really ridiculous to bring that up during a game because religion had nothing to do with the basketball game...just brought that up because it bothered me.

I had so much fun spending time with a lot of the YSA from my branch. I have been in my shell for a while and now I have been going out of my way to go do things, even if I don't want to. Like last night! I didn't want to go, but I am very glad that I did, even though I didn't get home until after 1:00! I am sleepy, but at least I am focused on my work, which I was worried I wouldn't be.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow and Ice

It was snowing when I got out of work and snowed until I went to bed. There really wasn't that much...not even an inch...but at least the roads didn't freeze up like they did last Tuesday. (school was cancelled because New Mexicans think they can drive on the ice...they can't!) I got up, showered and got all ready to go. I ride the city bus from a park and ride because I don't like to buy gas, pay for parking, and my vehicle needs some work done on it. When I got out to my car, the windows were frozen solid! It took all I had in me to scrap my windows...and it didn't help that my heater never turned on this morning! Poor little frozen me...I was thinking that I would not have to deal with it much longer, but as I pulled into the park and ride, there was the 94 Taylor Ranch/Unser Express bus leaving! So, I had to brave the cold of my mini-van and drive to work, which I arrived at 20 minutes early. Surprisingly, I am in a good mood! I am glad of that...I like being happy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Visiting my best friend!!

My best friend moved away a little while ago to Las Cruces, New Mexico, which is 3 hours away. I got to go visit her with a friend from the ward...these are some pictures from the trip! The one with short hair is my best friend, Leah, the one with glasses is Sarah and the other is Alanna, who is living in Las Cruces as well and is from my home ward.

Snow, YSA, and a Testimony

Well, I need to really get on this whole blogging thing...I am not really that good right now. Well, it is snowing right as we speak, which may mean I don't have to work tomorrow...I work at a high school and since no one here knows how to drive safely in the snow and ice, schools get delayed and cancelled! I don't mind one way or the other. The kids at my work are wanting a snow day. :)


I guess that I could tell you about my weekend. I had so much fun...way more than I ever expected to have. We had a regional YSA activity up in Las Alamos, where there is actually snow that sticks around for a while. People from my branch met up at the Stake center, which I was rushing to because I got off work across town at 4:00. I found someone to ride up with, since my poor old vehicle is not in good enough health to leave the Albuquerque area...I have a goal for a new car by the summer at the latest! Back to the story, I thought that this gal would be fine to ride up with...she was so mad the whole way up! And she didn't have her seatbelt on most of the time and she was talking on her phone a lot and texting while driving! She was not a good driver...I had a few very nerve-wracking minutes. She went home in the middle of the night, so I got a ride with some other girls, Maureen and Becca, who were so much fun to talk with. I don't like angry people! I like to be happy and it is hard when the person next to you is pre-occupied and not focusing on her driving! And not focusing on her language...

Friday night we had a big dinner of in New Mexico, I expected them to have some heat to them, but no. So sad...after dinner we had a great fireside on unity and it was just fantastic! I loved it! I have heard firesides from this particular gentleman before, but they have all been on dating...I was kind of happy that I could hear more of his testimony on other subjects. Then we went ice skating from 10 to midnight! I had so much fun!!! I was really nervous for a while, but after a few laps I got more confident and was going faster and making sharper turns and dancing with some friends. It was the neatest rink ever! You drive down into a canyon and it looks like an indoors ice rink, just out doors. It looked really neat with all the trees and the canyon walls and the snow everywhere!

The next morning after breakfast we went sledding. And I sure had a great time!!! I am actually kind-of terrified of sledding because of the speed and the fact that you can really biff it at any time if you move the wrong way. I went down several times and they were great...until I had to climb all the way back up the hill. It would have been fine if the snow wasn't so deep! I would step down a little one step and then be up to my thigh the next! I am still feeling a bit of the effects of all the exercise I had this weekend, but it feels great and I am pumped to go out and do something more!


I found out today from Elizabeth and my mom about President Thomas S. Monson being called to be our new prophet with Eyring and Uchtdorf as his councilors. Words cannot describe all that I have been feeling over the past week. I am very sad at the passing of our beloved prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, but I am also so glad that he is able to be with his already departed loved ones, especially his wife, who I am sure he has missed so much! I know that these men are truley called of God and that they are the humblest of men. They are prophets and apostles of the Lord! They are our leaders and guide us in this dispensation of the Earth.

I love this church so much and I know that it is true! I am so grateful that we have the true gospel and that we have such an organized and beautifully spiritual way for the apostles to set apart the prophet today! This past week has truly been a spiritual one and I am grateful that I know it is true and that I have the gift of the Spirit with me all the time to confirm truth to me! I love the scriptures and the gift of prayer and I know that I am a daughter of our Heavenly Father!

Sorry that this kind of turned into a testimony, but my heart is just so full that I have to share it!