Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Puppy! and a home...

My roommate got a new puppy today! She was begging me last night and telling me that I really should let her get one and that the cats would only have to deal with it until I move into the house on base and she would take real good care of it and finally...she would be heartbroken if I didn't let her..... I said yes. And now we have a little 6 week old terrier-mini-poodle mix girl. She is adorable!! Her name is Darla. And the cats have stayed away from her, observing from a distance with much concern showing in their faces. Patch gets closer and then runs away when the puppy gets too close. Freckles, on the other hand, stays as far away as she could and when we force a close encounter, a nice hiss proceeds to escape her mouth. Darla couldn't care less. She doesn't seem phased by their reactions much so far.... I'm guessing that it's because she is so young and naive to what certain reactions mean.

I wasn't too sure about a dog...I never saw myself as a person to have a dog. I have always had cats. I have always liked cats. I have not liked dogs. Being chased by dogs while riding a bike when young makes a person not like dogs. Being hit in hard all over by a large, strong tail when young makes a person not like dogs. Being dragged by a St Bernard when babysitting resulting in black and blue knees makes a person not like a dog. But recently I have found that my encounters with dogs do not necessarily mean that something bad will happen. Like my friend Danny's dog, Capona. She is so pretty and nice. And my best friends dog, Jake. He is so good! And he listens to my commands and is excited to see me because he knows who I am. And now this cute puppy. Of course I don't like the fact that she has already peed in the house, but she is still in training.


Ison and I know where we will be living!! Hooray! We have reserved a home that is at Kirtland Air Force Base here in Albuquerque! It is a 3 bedroom 2 story duplex! I am thrilled!! We are both thrilled! I'll be moving in first at the beginning of September because that will mean we will spend less on gas and I'll be closer to work...and really close to Ison! We hopefully won't be as tired as we were from all the driving back and forth across town. I can't wait!! A house all to myself for almost a month to get organized and then....I'll be married! Yay!

I was surprised at how nice the on-base housing is! Ison was surprised what his rank qualified him for house-wise...he thought it would be in the older housing on base. The neighbourhood looks so nice and well-maintained and we only have a small section of the yard that we will have to take care of ourselves...the rest of it is maintained by the base. I just can't tell you how excited I am that we will know where we will live!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I got a new car! And engagement pictures...

So I started driving about 8 years ago and my first vehicle was a 1990 Pontiac Transport SE: aka, a minivan that looked like a space shuttle. It lasted me through high school where my friends thought it was cool because I could fit so many people in it. It lasted me through college and my 30-45 minute commute between home and the university. It lasted me through the first year of my first real job. But now, no more lasting. It's old. It's not as nice to drive as it was at first. It doesn't have a working AC. Ison really doesn't like me driving it and calls it "the shuttle", which is now it's name to me and this nice car dealer we met. And now it is back with my parents. What ever will I do to get around now, you ask? Glad you asked me that! I introduce you to Emily and Ison's new car: a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix!

Isn't it lovely? All shiny and just a year old! It was the first car that I drove when Ison and I started shopping and nothing else that we looked at really hit me like this one did.

It looks a little sporty, huh? Well, it may look small, but the leg room is great in the front AND the back! That was an absolute must because Ison is 6' 3'' and both of our families are rather tall...and we don't like to be squished in the back. The trunk is also amazingly large and fits a lot. I sure have to reach to get to the back of it!!

And me here with my new car. It is new. It is safe. It runs well. And it is mine to drive! Hooray for me and my car! :)


And now for some pictures of the happy couple. These are just a sample because we took a lot of pictures! We used Ison's fancy camera and Daisy took the pictures after Ison would change the settings.

This pictures turned out really cute! It is in the aquarium in Albuquerque. There were a lot of people there and it took a long time to set it all up and make sure that no one was coming...

The rest of these are in the Botanical Gardens in Albuquerque, which is right next to the Aquarium. This one is kind of fun because of the leaves out of focus in the foreground.

We were sitting by a pond here that was full of Koi in the Japanese garden section. Ison was teasing the fish with his tri-pod...the fish thought it was food! :)

I had to stick at least one kissing picture in here! :)

And here we wanted to show our large wing span!!

I think this one has to be one of my favorites!!

And last of all, a fun foot popping picture! And I was going in for a kiss...Daisy and Ison thought that I might fall, but I didn't! ;)

I hope that you enjoyed! I am so excited to get married to Ison! He really has been one huge blessing in my life and he makes me so incredibly happy! I never knew I could be this happy! And all because of him!