Monday, November 26, 2007

Food, Shower, Snow, Shopping, and more FOOD!

Thanksgiving has now come and gone...but that means left-overs. Turkey, stuffing, yams (so good with the pecans and brown sugar and butter and peaches...not really that healthy...). But I am actually starting to get sick of them because I have had a Thanksgiving meal a total of...let me think...4 times now!!! It is so good, but it is getting really old. I am ready for normal everyday food.

It started snowing the evening of Thanksgiving, after we were all stuffed to full capacity and looking through the adds for Black Friday. It snowed off and on during the night and all of Black Friday. It wasn't too bad of made everything all pretty! The only really bad thing was that it was really really cold. We were all bundled up while we were running around town shopping where there were some really good sales. People seriously were crazy and mean and funny looking in the stores. I was laughing at some of them because they were running around with their shopping carts, trying to get everything that they were searching for...but I felt bad for others because even though they were Christmas shopping, they were being rude at times. People sure do get cranky when they are trying to find wonderful thoughtful Christmas gifts...sounds kinda contrary, huh?

Well, my shower is out of commission right now. It has all the new tile up in it, but it still needs the grout done and my new 9-glass-block window still has gaps open to the elements (which are cold, even though it is a desert here). It is looking so good though and I can't wait for it to be finished so me and my roommates can use our own shower again and not friends and family's showers. I got one of those showers that have a large spout that feel like it is raining on actually was about the same amount as a regular head for the shower! Once the shower is finished, that is one more thing that will be off my list of home-improvement items. I will have pics of the finished product next post.

Have a fantastic day!!!

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