Saturday, November 10, 2007

Halloween Bugs

So, Halloween was a little while ago, but I finally got my roommate to download the pictures from her camera. I was a bumblebee and I convinced my best friend Leah to go as a ladybug. Very fun, huh? I really had fun getting all the accessories and glitter. Leah didn't like getting the red glitter make-up on her face, but she was a trouper! This is how we looked going to the YSA Multi-Stake Dance shindig.

If you look really close, you might be able to see my braces! I will get a better picture up on here soon...when I look presentable and get my roommate to take a picture of me.

The braces, to let you know, were something that I really wanted to do because I have not been happy with my smile and the really ARE crocked, no matter what everyone keeps telling me. I already smile a lot bigger now to show off the metalic effect that my teeth now give off. Sometimes the braces really do hurt, though... Then I get a little cranky and a little whiny. What is really cool about the braces is that the wire becomes straighter when I have hot liquid in my mouth, like herbal tea or hot chocolate or soup. I love it because I already love all those items, so no sacrifice for me.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Now I am off to work on my back yard and replace my back door so I don't freeze during the winter again.


Janel said...

Hi Emily!!! Its so nice to have you in the blahblahblog community!

onemadjan said...

Good for you Emily, congrats on your blobbing.


Elizabeth said...

Is that Mommy writing a note on your blog! :)