Sunday, March 9, 2008

Straight Hair

So Elizabeth wanted me to post pictures of me with my long, straight hair. I haven't straightened my hair for a long time...I usually just do it curly, like in this picture.

My hair looks really long in this picture. I did not realize that my hair had grown that much!

This is a fun picture that my friend in the branch took at someones house after dinner Sunday night. It turned out really good! And a couple of guys decided to try to get in the picture, too.

Well, this is a short post. I'll write again in a while. :)


Elizabeth said...

No wonder they wanted to get into the picture! You look great!

Steven & Mindy Raisor said...

Oh you look so cute! It takes a special kind of girl to look drop dead sexy with both straight and curly hair!

GRRRRR baby!


Marla said...


Anonymous said...

How sad is this? It's been so long since I've seen you that I can't remember how your hair looked back then LOL!